Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Ex GF Of Vava Voom Of Skuki Releases His S*x Photos And treatens To Release More If He dosent Tender A Public Apology(LOOK)

At the very early hours of this morning,i got a mail from a susposed ex of Vavavoom from the group Skuki,she prefers to be anonymous about her name and claims she had a s*xual relationship with vavavoom which lasted for 3months..
He broke her heart and she is very angry with him,she need an apology from him or she would reveal his private escapades to the public every 24hours till he takes action.
she claim she has a lot of munches plus every picture he has hidden on his phone.
This case is not new in the music industry….
….See pics after the cut: (ADULTS ONLY) Pic 1. pic.twitter.com/rs8nZugpmV Pic 2. pic.twitter.com/DPzFnbtN

Source: Mills Music Entertainment

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